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Switch your supply staff to Just Education for September

With the end of the Summer term fast approaching, schools will already be starting to plan their resource for the next academic year in September. If you have been working with supply teachers who are the perfect fit for your school and pupils, we can help you continue to contract the same great staff at a lower price – whilst also ensuring that they get to take home more. At Just Education, our ethical approach to supply teaching takes less money out of the system in fees and overheads, so even though your costs are lower, your supply teachers will be paid a better rate – it’s a win-win situation.

There’s no sign-up or subscription fees for using us, you just pay for the cost of the staff you book – so if you currently hire supply staff through an agency, put them directly in touch with us and we can sign you and them up straightaway.

Don’t be put off if your existing agency threatens to charge you transfer fees, as the law states that there is an 8-week cut-off on transfer fees. This means that if you sign up to us before the summer holidays start your staff have a higher chance of being free to transfer to us for the Autumn term.

If you’re interested in making the switch, simply sign your school up to our online platform, which can be found here, and have your current supply staff fill in our teachers’ form.

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