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Supply teachers: does your recruitment agency offer you a choice in how much you earn?

At Just Education, all of our supply teachers set the rate they would like to get paid.


There are many reasons why you might have chosen to become a supply teacher – perhaps you wanted more flexibility and control over the hours that you work, or you wanted to gain experience in multiple school environments. But why should your options stop there? At Just Education, the salary you take home isn’t up to us or the schools you work at: it’s up to you. You can set a minimum rate of pay so that you are earning what you deserve, and only have to accept the assignments that pay you what you feel is fair. We won’t make you work for anything less.


Many agencies set unnecessarily high fees so that they can take a bigger slice of the pie, leaving less for schools and undervaluing teachers and the work they do. We have stripped down the overheads to give your autonomy back, creating the alternative that the supply sector needs. But there’s more – our platform puts you in control and lets you directly interact with schools, and we won’t punish you with excessive fees if you find a full-time role. Sound like something you can get on board with? Apply now for your next supply role here!

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