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Supply staff are being underpaid – they deserve better

Last week, the Nation Education Union (NEU) released findings from its latest supply teachers survey at the NEU Supply Teaching Conference. With over 1,000 teachers responding to the survey on supply staff income, the findings are, quite frankly, astonishing.

The research has revealed that supply teachers are taking home shockingly low pay, with 14% of respondents being paid less than £100 a day and 40% earning a daily rate of £100-124. Due to these low incomes, over half of supply teachers have had to take on other work alongside teaching, whilst 17% have to resort to claiming benefits. This is completely unacceptable and it’s clear that the whole system must change.

Over the past nine years, supply teachers have become increasingly dependent upon recruitment agencies for placements at schools. With many agencies charging schools up to £100 more than the amount teacher gets to take home, it comes at little surprise that both schools and supply teachers are struggling to get by. Each time a supply teacher is employed through a traditional agency, money is being funnelled straight into the recruiters’ pockets.

More needs to be done to prevent this outdated business model from squeezing the supply sector to breaking point. Just Education was established to do just that – we want to address the challenges faced by schools and teachers and work in a new way that does not exploit either of them

We guarantee our supply teachers are paid at a rate that they set for themselves, and can only apply for positions and opportunities that fit their own income expectations. As an absolute minimum, after their 12-week qualifying period, all Just Education supply teachers are paid the market rate, as required by the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR). What’s more, our fees for schools are significantly lower – through us, a school will save 10% on the cost of every supply assignment.

Whether you’re a school that is looking to reduce spend on supply teachers without impacting on your staff’s income, or a teacher looking to earn more for the hard work you do, we can help. If you’re interested in joining us on our mission to make a difference, take a look at our ‘For Teachers’ and ‘For Schools’ pages.

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