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Stop the supply agency rip-off

Schools in England are paying £1.2 billion with supply agencies

For too long supply agencies have exploited schools and teachers, charging unnecessarily escalated recruitment fees.

In 2018 an ASCL survey revealed that 71% of respondents had increased the amount they spend on agency supply over the past 3 years, with over half stating this was because of increased agency fees.

In April 2019 at the NEU conference, supply teacher Benjamin Guy told the conference, “Heads know they are paying over the odds… systematic syphoning of money out of the education system by private companies must end.”  We wholeheartedly agree!

Old way - new wayTime to change the status quo

We believe that the recruitment fees charged for quality supply teachers are too high and that teachers should be paid what they are worth. We set up Just Education to tackle the systematic unfairness of a business model that relies on overcharging schools and underpaying teachers.

Our fees are significantly lower for schools. By using Just Education, a school will typically save 10% on the cost of every supply assignment.

We take lower margins on every booking, reducing the cost to schools without disadvantaging our supply staff.

Reducing finder’s fees

If a school decides to take a supply teacher on a permanent basis, usually it will be hit by a steep “finder’s fee” from the recruitment agency. Some agencies charge up to 20-30% of a teacher’s permanent salary. An eye-watering amount and scandalously excessive.

We charge a flat fee of £495 to take one of our supply teachers on a permanent basis, regardless of their seniority or expertise.

This means a school can recruit the staff that are right for them without being hit by hefty recruitment costs. Furthermore, if a supply teacher has worked in the school through Just Education for 12 weeks or more on placement, we charge no fee at all.

Looking after supply staff

At Just Education we guarantee that our supply teachers are paid at a rate that they set themselves and our teachers only pursue the opportunities that fit their specific income expectations.

As a minimum, all Just Education supply teachers are paid the market rate after their 12-week qualifying period, as required by the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR).

All our supply teachers are paid through PAYE, as we believe that this is the simplest way to pay staff fairly and on time with no hidden fees or charges.

Fees can be fair and transparentNo hidden fees

The recent Covid-19 crisis has put the spotlight firmly on how agencies operate. Schools and supply staff are now more aware than ever of what constitutes a ‘good agency.’

We are continuing to shake-up the industry, proving that by taking a fresh approach, fees can be fair and transparent.

We want to keep as much of a school’s budget as possible for education. This will be critical for schools over the next 12 months as they navigate their way through supporting pupils and staff post-Covid-19.

The time to change is now!

Despite it being the end of term, we know that planning will continue throughout the summer as schools work with the Government guidance on getting all pupils back to school in September.

Making the change to Just Education now will pay dividends not just in Autumn term, but also in the long term for schools.

Our team are on-hand to guide you through the process making it simple and hassle-free. Call us on 01242 388 800, email us at, or visit the website for more information.

Lorin Clough

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