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Refer a friend and get £30

Just Education has many schools actively looking to fill supply and permanent roles, and we’re reaching out to more each week. We want those schools to benefit from the direct contact and fairer prices we offer—and to do that, we need capable and engaged teaching staff.

If you know someone who already works through another agency (or plans to), please put them in touch with us. If their application is successful, we’ll pay out £30 to each of you as soon as they’ve completed two weeks of work with us.

How does it work?

Tell a friend

Share your unique referral code with a friend or anyone else. If you don’t have a code, email us at

We onboard them

Tell people to sign up online using your code. We’ll track their application against your referral record.

Get your rewards

Once someone’s signed up using your code and worked 10 days for us, we’ll pay you both £30.

Terms and Conditions

  1. In these Terms and Conditions:
    means an individual who submits an application form to Just Education using a valid Referral Code;
    means Just Education Recruitment Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 10509490;
    “Referral Code”
    means a unique alphanumeric code issued by Just Education to each Referrer;
    means an individual who is eligible to participate in the Referral Scheme and is allocated a Referral Code.
  2. The referral scheme is open to:
    • Referrers who have a UK bank account;
    • Candidates who have the right to work in the UK, are not prohibited from teaching or working with children and are fit to teach.
  3. Just Education issues each of its temporary staff with a unique Referral Code. Any individual eligible to become a Referrer may request a Referral Code by emailing
  4. A referral payment of £30 shall become payable to each of the Referrer and Referred Candidate at the sole discretion of Just Education and only when the following conditions are satisfied:
    • the Candidate has completed and submitted an application form to Just Education using a valid Referral Code;
    • the Candidate has undergone any such checks or vetting procedures as deemed necessary by Just Education;
    • Just Education is satisfied with the outcome of any checks or vetting procedures performed;
    • the Candidate has worked for 10 calendar days under a contract for services with JERL.
  5. No Referral Fee shall be payable to a Referrer where:
    • an application from a Candidate was received by Just Education whilst the Referrer was an employee of any company within the ParentPay Group;
    • the Candidate submitting an application has previously applied to Just Education;
    • the Candidate submitting an application is the same person as the Referrer.
  6. No Referral Fee shall be payable to a Candidate where they have supplied their own Referral Code on their application.
  7. A Referral Fee payable to a Candidate shall be paid to that Candidate through the payroll of JERL. JERL may make deductions from the Referral Fee as required by law.
  8. The Referral Fee paid to the Referrer shall be paid gross with no deductions made. The Referrer may be required to pay tax on the Referral Fee in the United Kingdom or in their tax jurisdiction of residence.