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Just Education platform

A question we get asked a lot is ‘isn’t using your online platform more work than just making a call to get supply cover?’

The answer is quite simply—no.

We’ve developed our unique platform to make the process of booking supply cover as easy as using Uber or Amazon. But it doesn’t stop there, we’re continually improving it to make it even better and faster for you to book the cover you need, at a significantly lower cost.

We have some great time-saving features and wanted to share some of them with you to give you a better insight into what sets us apart from a traditional agency.


Build your own talent pool with our ‘Favourites’ feature


We want to make booking your supply professional as quick and easy as possible. When you login you will immediately see relevant professionals for your school at the top of the screen. Clicking on their images opens their detailed profile. A single click is all that’s needed to add them to your Favourites list.

You can also perform specific searches using our quick filters for things like role type or qualifications and quickly add these to your favourites too.

Building your Favourites list enables you to immediately see your trusted cover professionals. You can then book cover in less time than it takes to make a phone call, freeing you up to get on with the rest of your day.


You’ll only see relevant professionals for your school


We ensure you don’t waste time offering assignments to professionals who then decline due to your schools’ location or them being deployed elsewhere.

Our professionals can update their availability at any time, meaning you can be confident you’re only seeing available staff.

We recently upgraded the way professionals set their accepted travel area on our interactive map. Rather than setting a radius, professionals can now use ‘travel pins’ and precisely set the areas they can travel to. This means you’ll only ever see professionals that are happy to travel to your school.

Schools love this feature as they can be confident that the platform has taken care of the background work for them.


Transparent Fees


We believe in being completely transparent with our fees as well as much more fair, and so you can see exactly how much the day rate is for your chosen professional. We keep our overheads low so that you can benefit from much lower fees. Taking less money out of the system leaves more where it’s needed—in school.


Make an offer and request cover


Once you’ve found the supply member you’d like to book, you simply enter the days and times you need cover for. Then select ‘Make Offer’ and that’s it! You can even make an offer to multiple cover professionals, with the first to accept, or your preferred choice of those who accept, securing the assignment.

Our simple to use tools are specifically designed to make the process of booking cover quick and hassle-free, with no time-consuming calls back and forth with intermediaries.


Communication history


As we connect you direct to your cover professional, you’ll both be able to communicate easily and see a complete history of all your messages. You can even upload documents – great for sharing things like lesson plans, a map of the school, policies, and anything else you want to provide, to prepare your cover staff before they arrive on site. Schools are using this more and more to share COVID-19 protocols ahead of time so that everyone can be kept safe.


Transforming supply cover


The Just Education platform is transforming the way supply cover works. By cutting out unnecessary (and time-consuming) overheads and barriers we’re able to offer the best supply professionals without the high fees.

If you’d like to discuss partnering your school with us or just to find out more, you can call us on 01242 388 800 or email

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