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Joining Just Education to help make a difference

Customer Success Manager, Jenny Smitherman, shares why she is looking forward to joining the team at Just Education

Whether it’s from getting excited about a new pack of sharp crayons in colour-order, to hoarding yogurt pots for any science experiments (just in case!) the old habits of being a teacher die hard. Even though I haven’t been in a teaching position for over two years, the tell-tale symptoms of being a teacher are still very much present in my everyday life, and I love it.

After almost half of my life having been spent teaching, or training to teach, I decided to step away from the classroom and do my bit to help try and make the lives of teachers and children alike just that little bit better.

We’re all too aware of the shocking figures that show how many teachers are leaving the profession, struggling under hefty workloads and suffering with mental health problems, and this is something that particularly resonates with me, as a former teacher.

I initially joined the teaching career to make a difference to as many children’s lives as I possibly could – and I still do, albeit from a slightly different approach. Helping teachers to reach their full potential, and develop or reinvigorate their passion for the work they do is something that thrills me as much as when my pupils used to get those ‘lightbulb’ moments.

That’s why I’m so excited to be joining the team at Just Education. We’re not just a supply teaching agency, but an innovation that can support teachers, schools and children alike in times of need. We’re a team of people who genuinely care, taking the time to understand teachers and schools, and applying a personalised match-making service to fulfill the need for supply.

The recruitment strategy at Just Education means that, not only are schools reassured that any supply teachers who join them will definitely know their stuff, but they’ll also have up-to-date training to ensure they are all fully equipped to be the best supply teachers they possibly can be.

As Customer Success Manager, it’s my job to ensure that you have the best possible experience when you use Just Education, whether you’re a school looking for supply staff or a teacher looking for work. We charge less than other agencies, and offer a higher daily rate to teachers (whilst also allowing them to set their own).

The whole team at Just Education puts their people at the heart of everything we do, and I am so excited to be getting stuck in.  

Jenny Smitherman

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