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Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to get in touch, you can call us 9am – 5:30pm on 01242 388800, or email us at or request a call back by clicking here: callback.

If you need support outside of office hours, please call us from 7am – 8:30pm on 01242 388357.

It couldn’t be easier to get started – just complete the registration here in order to complete the initial stage of the onboarding process. 

Once you’ve completed that you can schedule your interview at a time to suit you. The interview will give you an opportunity to tell us more about your work preferences, and ask any questions you have.

As part of the recruitment process we will carry out background and identity checks, and contact your referees.

Lastly, we will make your profile visible to schools on the Just Education platform.

We offer a range of classroom roles which demand differing levels of experience and entry qualifications. These are listed below:

Qualified Teacher (QTS)
1. Hold UK QTS.

  • (For teachers who qualified overseas – all qualifications are checked for compatibility by the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC). In addition, Just Education will check all overseas trained teachers against the Teaching Regulation Agency database for QTS.)

2. Have recent* teaching experience (*within last 3 years) which can include placements for NQT applicants.

Qualified Teacher FE route (QTLS + SET membership)*

1. Hold UK QTLS (with current membership with Society for Education and
Training (SET).

2. Have recent* teaching experience (*within last 3 years)

3. Have worked in a school environment for at least 6 months, within the last 3 years.

Teaching Assistants, Learning Support Assistants (LSA) and Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA)

1. Have a level 3 qualification or above (level 4 for HLTA) in supporting teaching and learning, or related subject. Level 2 qualified Teaching Assistants may also be considered, depending on experience.

2. Have recent* experience in schools, preferably 6 months plus. (*within last 3 years)

3. For LSA posts, applicants should also have experience in supporting SEND students

If you were referred to us by a school we will still ask you to complete the registration process and book a full interview which will be held via a video link. 

We will ask then school that referred you to provide one of your references, and will request an additional reference from another school or other former employer.

Aside from these differences, the application process will be the same as above, and you’ll be ready to start receiving offers in no time.

You’ll benefit from working at your favourite school, as well as being visible to other schools on the Just Education platform. It will be quick and simple to accept the offers that are right for you.

We will ask to see several documents during your application to Just Education

We need to see:

  1. Document(s) showing you have a right to work in the UK, and proof of your address.
  2. Documents showing you have all the qualifications on your CV which are relevant to your application.
  3. Your Enhanced DBS certificate if already registered on the update service, or if you need a new DBS, we can help you apply for a new one.
  4. Your overseas check, if you have been abroad for six months or more in any one country in the past five years.

Please note: If different names are used across any of your documents, you will need to provide an additional  document showing the reason for the change of name (e.g. a marriage certificate).

We adhere to national guidance in education by following ‘safer recruitment’
guidelines; with all staff involved in the recruitment process at Just Education being trained in safer recruitment.

We will ask you to provide contact details for at least two written references prior to interview, wherever possible from within the last 3 years; one of which should be from your most recent employer. In addition to requesting the referees’ opinion about your suitability for the post
itself, we will ask about your suitability to work with children and young people or
vulnerable adults. We will also ask whether there have been any safeguarding
concerns raised in your previous employment. 

Wherever possible, we will obtain references before interview, allowing any concerns they raise to be explored further with the referee and clarified at
interview. If this is not possible, all references received after interview will be
scrutinised and any concerns resolved satisfactorily, before the appointment is

If you don’t have a DBS certificate, we will apply for a new certificate for you.

If you do have a DBS certificate, you can find out if we’ll be able to accept it by checking a few things about your certificate.

For Just Education to accept your DBS certificate, it must:

  • Be registered on the Update Service. Click here to check if your certificate is registered.
  • Not be a volunteer DBS. If your certificate has ‘No DBS fee charged’ written on it, it’s a volunteer certificate, and we’ll need to apply for a new one for you.
  • Be for the correct workforce. This means your DBS must be for the ‘Child Workforce’ only, unless you would like to work in SEN secondary schools. Then you will need a DBS for the ‘Adult and Child Workforce’.

If you need a new DBS certificate,you will be asked to provide three documents. We’ve provided some simplified lists below of the documents applicants can most commonly provide.

At least one of the three documents you provide must be from List A, and at least one must show your current address. 

List A

Any current, valid passport

A current driving license photo card (UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and EU)

A biometric residence permit (UK)

A birth certificate issued within 12 months of birth, which shows at least one of your parents’ names (UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands, including those issued by UK authorities overseas)

An adoption certificate (UK and Channel Islands)

List B

A utility bill (not a mobile phone bill) issued in the last 3 months (UK)

A P45 or P60 statement issued in the last 12 months (UK and Channel Islands)

A council tax statement issued in the last 12 months (UK and Channel Islands)

A Mortgage Statement issued in the last 12 months (UK or EEA)

A bank or building society account opening confirmation letter issued in the last 3 months (UK)

A credit card statement issued in the last 3 months (UK)

A financial statement, for example pension or endowment, issued in the last 12 months (UK)

A benefit statement, for example Child Benefit, issued in the last 3 months (UK)

If you’re not able to provide three documents from these lists, please check what other documents can be accepted here:


If you have spent 6 months or more abroad in any one country in the past 5 years, you will need to obtain an overseas criminal record check from that country before joining Just Education.

It may take a couple of weeks or more to receive your overseas check and the process for applying is different for each country. Some countries require you to attend an in-person appointment at their embassy in the UK to apply.

The UK government provides guidance on how to apply for an overseas check here:

Once you’ve received your overseas check you will need to have it translated and verified if it isn’t already in English. We’ll send you guidance on how to do this.

If you have QTLS status and current membership with the Society for Education and Training (SET), you are eligible to work as a qualified teacher in maintained schools, and we will be happy to consider an application from you to join our platform as a qualified teacher. We also welcome applications from educators with QTLS status for cover supervisor roles. 

Please note that we will only be able to list you as a qualified teacher on the Just Education platform if you have a current membership with SET.

For more information about QTLS and working in maintained schools, please visit the Society for Education and Training website or refer to ‘Qualified teacher status (QTS): qualify to teach in England.’