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Managing staff levels as part of your Covid-19 contingency plans

Schools are having to prepare contingency plans due to the Covid-19 virus. There is still uncertainty over the full range of measures the Government will put in place and when.

The biggest current topic is around school closures and how to continue classes remotely. According to the Prime Minister’s press conference yesterday evening (12th March 2020), there are no plans for imminent closures, and we are some weeks away from the peak of the virus.

The current advice is for anyone with symptoms of the virus, even if mild, to self-isolate for 7 days. We may then move to entire households self-isolating if one resident has the symptoms.

What does this mean for schools?

The impact to schools will be significant, even with the best planning. As schools are remaining open (for now), they will inevitably experience additional pressures on staff. At any time over the next few weeks and months there could be a high number of staff off due to self-isolation measures.

Schools will be facing staffing shortages that literally change on a daily basis. Managing this situation will be incredibly difficult and stressful for schools and their staff.

Supply teachers

The network of supply teachers will be vital for schools over the coming months. All schools will have an agency they use for supply teachers, so they know they have access to the network as and when required.

Sadly, using supply teachers through an agency is one of the biggest spends schools have to make, even under normal circumstances. Having to utilise supply teachers on a much more frequent basis will inevitably eat into already squeezed budgets and the financial effects of this will be felt for a long time.

What can we do to help?

We are a service for sourcing supply cover – but with a difference. Firstly, we are a specialist supplier for teachers, solely in the education industry. Most of us have education backgrounds, so we understand how important each supply assignment is to a school.

We have our own online platform that puts schools in direct contact with workers. Our platform enables us to cut unnecessary overheads and pass the savings to the school and pay our supply teachers more.

How do we help schools manage the cost?

Quite simply, we are fair and transparent about our costs:

  • Schools save 10% or more on short and long-term cover
  • Flat mark-up fee of 12% on top of workers’ pay rate and associated costs
  • Workers pay rates are shown on the portal and can be negotiated
  • No sign-up or subscription fees

Our portal enables you to have direct contact with the worker so you can share information with them before their placement starts. It’s also available 24/7 meaning you can search for cover as soon as you know you need it.

  • Workers qualifications, skills and experience are all shown on the portal
  • All necessary checks and references will have been completed for the worker
  • Workers will have had a face-to-face interview with us prior to being available to book

Why choose Just Education?

From the start we set out to change the way supply cover happens for schools. First and foremost is lowering the cost to the school while paying a fair rate to the worker. That’s why we developed the portal to cut out unnecessary costs wherever we can and pass those savings on.

We also understand that schools need high-quality cover and that’s why we go that extra mile and conduct face-to-face interviews with candidates, ensuring you have access to a highly-skilled network of candidates.

What can you do now?

With the uncertain times that are facing us now is the time to consider all options to cover a variety of scenarios. Considering the potential supply cover costs has to be one of those scenarios.

We want to provide schools with an easy to use supply cover facility, that also saves them money – not just now, but for the long term.

We’d be more than happy to chat through how Just Education could benefit your school and how it all works. As mentioned before we’re completely transparent, so there’s no obligation or sign-up fees. We can also have you up and running really quickly.

If you’d like to speak to the team drop us an email and let us know when is a good time for you. There’s also more detailed information on our website

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