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Can you really save money on your supply cover costs?

At Just Education we always talk about being ‘transparent with our fees’ to schools and that we ‘pay supply professionals more.’

As the saying goes ‘talk is cheap’ so we’ve decided to share a real-life example with you—complete with costs—so that you can judge for yourself.

Supply cover requirements

We spoke to a headteacher from a primary school in Dudley, who like most, is deeply ensconced in planning for all pupils to return to school.

He needs long term teaching assistant cover and he also has a preferred person who was signed to us and another agency.

All pretty standard stuff, until it comes to the cost. That’s where it gets interesting.

Budget vs cost

Like all schools their budget was limited and overspend in one area means a deficit in another. Quite wisely the head wanted to look a little deeper into what this much-needed teaching assistant would cost via Just Education and the other agency, who they have used for a number of years.

The total cost for the placement with Just Education was just short of a £2,000 saving when compared to the other agency.

How? Quite simply we keep our overheads low and don’t over-inflate fees. There’s no special discount applied or anything else, these are our standard costs.

Here are the figures so you can see the direct comparison for yourself:

 Just Education (JE)Other Agency
Daily Rate of Pay for TA£70.00£65.00
No. Days required198198
Day rate charged by agency£86.04£95.79
Total cost for placement£17,035.92£18,966.42
Total pay for TA£13,860£12,870
JE Benefit to TA+£990
JE Saving to School£1,930.50
JE offers a Fairer Deal of:£2,920.50

Higher pay for supply professionals

The other side of this is the pay given to the teaching assistant. As you’ll see from the figures above, she will earn £990 more than she would have with the other agency. The other agency actually asked the candidate to take an even lower day rate so they could reduce the price to the school and win the business! Asking supply professionals to take the ‘hit’ for the agency is not ethical in our book and just something we would never do.

Saving the school money

The upside of this story is that the school now have the person they know and trust with them and a little more budget to spend on some much-needed maintenance.

We hope that this honest example demonstrates to you that we really do save schools money, pay supply professionals more and are transparent at every stage about costs.

If you’d like to find out more, contact the team at, call 01242 388 800.

Remember, signing up to Just Education is completely free!

Lorin Clough
Just Education

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